Consequences (D.I. Dylan)
Killer Smile (D.I. Dylan)
The Age of Darkness (Shires of York Book 1)
Assassins' Canon
Hope: Stories from a Woman's Refuge
The House on the Shore
Heart of Stone
Shadows of the Past
When A Killer Strikes (D.I. Dylan)
When the Killing Starts (D.I. Dylan)
War (Shires of York Book 4)
Alfie's Diary
Sprocket and the Great Museum Scam (Sprocket Sagas: Book 2)
Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Novel
The Glass Class
Sprocket and the Poison Portal (Sprocket Sagas: Book 3)
Greek Letters, Volume Four: Much More Than Hurt - The Last Greek Testament
Pet Dogs Democratic Party
The Trial of Marie Montrecourt
Sprocket and the Pax Dracus (Sprocket Sagas: Book 5)
White Lilies (D.I. Dylan)
Promoting Yorkshire Authors at York Central Library - Tuesday Dec 6, 18:00
Happy New Year!
No Retreat
Freedom's Prisoners
Alan P. Robertshaw
Forbidden Alliance
Dangerous Deception
Cast a Horoscope: Doors to Manual (Jigsaw)
Turmoil (Shires of York Book 2)
Betrayal - A Contemporary Romance
Waiting for Sogmog
Sprocket and the Heart of the North (Sprocket Sagas: Book 4)
The Unknown Soldier
John Walford
Sea Change (Human Advance 1)
Clive Langford
The Appearance of Truth
Time Machine
Sunshine & Secrets
Three Weeks Last Spring
Greek Letters, Volume One: Before
The Order of the White Boar
Anyone for Murder
Miss Pickle a Dizzy Witch
Wheels On Fire
Jack Daw and the Cat
A Question of Resistance
Dangerous Entrapment
The Puppy Who Didn't Like Rain: A Springer Spaniel's First Six Months (Pavlov the Springer Spaniel)
It's Over!! What Happens to the House?
Lovers Take Up Less Space
The Price of Time
Curse (Shires of York Book 5)
Had We but World Enough
Easy Money for Writers and Wannabes
Alfie's Woods
The Scorpion's Last Tale: A Psychological Thriller (Jigsaw Volume 6)
First Republic (Shire of York Book 3)
Swings and Roundabouts
Future Perfect
Bright Daffodill Yellow (Jigsaw Volume 7)
Murder Omnibus
Reprobates (D.I. Dylan)
Greek Letters: Volume 2 - "And After"
Running with Butterflies
Echoes of the Past
Friends of the Earth Green Fair, Hull UK - Saturday Nov. 12
The Last Guardian? (Shires of York Book 6)
Katrina Mountfort
Margaret Evans-Kaufeler
A Little Protection
From the Mill to Monte Carlo
The Car
Snow Kills (D.I. Dylan)
Sprocket and the Great Northern Forest (Sprocket Sagas: Book 1)
Jane Austin
The Smith's Grand Tour of Britain
Smiths in Nepal
Mouse Pirate
Farspace 2
Sprocket and the Time Vortex (Sprocket Sagas: Book 6)
Poppleton Christmas Fair - November 18, 2016
Smiths in Spain and France
Greek Letters, Volume Three: The Eyes Have It
Saunders: Lies and Deception
Confetti & Confusion
The Lifetracer
Guile and Spin
Deadly Focus (D.I. Dylan)
Ring of Lies
Cat's Eyes
News from Nowhere
From Story Idea to Reader