What is Promoting Yorkshire Authors (PYA)?

Promoting Yorkshire Authors (PYA) is a member led organisation with the sole purpose of promoting the work of authors who have a close connection with the County of Yorkshire, defined by the ancient boundaries of the three Ridings of Yorkshire, strictly within the vision, mission and values defined by our charter.

We’re creating this detailed Charter for PYA and it will define what activities can be performed by ‘officers’ of PYA, its structure and governance. We’re looking for comments from members on the broad principles enshrined in the Charter, before we finalise the detail.

Vision, Mission, and Values

All ‘officers’ of PYA will work towards achieving our vision and mission and their work will follow the professional values of the group.


To advance the work of independent authors who were born or now live in Yorkshire, endeavouring to improve the quality and recognition of their work worldwide.

Mission (Three P’s)

Perfectpromote and popularise the work of independent authors who are like-minded members of PYA.

Values (P Y A – Promoting Yorkshire Authors)

Perfecting the books of members, be constructive with critique, be professional, offer encouragement and support.

 Yield value for members by offering promotional opportunities, collective resources and quality marques that single out PYA authors as a source of excellence for readers.

 Acquire the network and means to achieve PYA’s vision, make them available to members using efficient methods, with appropriate technology.

Principles Proposed for the Charter

The Charter of PYA will be a rather detailed and formal document that defines the legal structure of PYA, activities permitted by its ‘officers’ and the articles of association under which it operates.

 There are some underlying principles that help to underpin the charter and it is these that we’ll discuss here.

What We Can Do

‘Officers’ are people who operate on behalf of PYA. Their role is to make our Vision and Mission a reality and work to the Values we’ve set for PYA.


Membership is open to real people only (not organisations, nor legally described corporations) and members must have been born in Yorkshire, or currently live in Yorkshire, and have published (or be publishing) at least one book, independently or by traditional route.

 We’re defining four classes of member but only full members will be able to vote in a PYA election. The classes are full (meets all criteria of membership), founder (is a full member but one who helped found PYA), fellow (an honorary member), and associate (a member who doesn’t meet all of the criteria of full membership).


It’s proposed that PYA be governed by a small ‘board’ elected by members from willing volunteers. We’re suggesting that all governance posts are voluntary and no remuneration will be paid to any ‘officer’ of PYA, except (maybe, once we have membership fees in place) refunds of reasonable expenses.

 We’ll have to think about seconding an interim board soon, as membership is growing, and let that board finalise the charter and arrange elections to the ‘real’ board.


We’re proposing that, when we’re big enough, we’ll instigate chapters based geographically within Yorkshire or, perhaps, specialist groups like Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sci-Fi, etc. The chapters will be run in much the same way as the board (chair, treasurer, secretary, members, etc) and will have devolved authority from the board, plus resources, when secured.

What Next?

We’re finalising the charter and we’ll post it on our private PYA Facebook group for member comment. In the mean time, if you have suggestions or comments on the basic principles, please let us know by posting within the same group.